1. Ellen Gray - "I Said This, You Heard That" series by Kathleen Edelman - If you've ever said the wrong thing (or said the right thing the wrong way) you know how quickly your mouth can make a big mess. But it doesn t have to be that way. After taking the 40-question assessment, you'll learn a simple framework that will instantly improve your communication. And you'll see how advice from the apostle Paul thousands of years ago may have held the secret all along.

2. Rev. Karl Vaters - Big Churches, Small Churches - What's the Difference?; Essentials and Redefining Success in Ministry

3. Jaime Flores & Bruce Cochran - LAB Latino Angelo Bridge Building - Latino-Anglo Bridgebuilders (LAB) is focused upon building healthy, open relationships between Latino and Anglo congregations. This workshop will expose participants to the intercultural competence skills necessary to develop transformational relationships within the life of congregations and communities.  The subject matter will be especially helpful for congregations who find themselves in a changing ethnic environment.

4. Dr. Gene Crume (Judson University President) - Capitalizing with online possibilities in smaller churches 

5. Attorney Sally Wagenmaker (Attorney and Partner at Wagenmaker & Oberly) - "Getting your Legal House of Worship in Order"

What top-priority legal areas are of concern to your church leadership? Churches of all sizes and types need to promote effective governance, robust child protection policies, strong understanding of employment-related protections and pitfalls, and attentiveness to myriad tax-related obligations. Join Chicago attorney Sally Wagenmaker, as she addresses these topics to help ministry leaders handle all such questions in terms of both optimal legal compliance and effective best practices.

6. Roger Simmons  Managing cultural diversity and Training in cultural awareness

7. John Piippo - Leading the Presence Driven Church - This is a workshop about the primacy and centrality of God and his unsurpassable presence, and what this means for the Church. The presence of God is the core, the sine qua non, of mere Christianity. God’s presence is what is needed to win the day over the present powers of darkness. This workshop shows what it means for a church to be presence-driven, and what leadership looks like in the presence-driven church.