1. Rev. Dr. Dennis Bickers (Author, Retired Bi-vocational Pastor and Former Region Staff Member) - "Bivocational Ministry in the 21st Century" will explore the advantages and challenges of bivocational ministry for both the pastor and the church. We will also look at what is happening with bivocational ministry and why the number of bivocational ministers is expected to increase in the future. 

2. Rev. Rodney Lynch - "Youth and The Church; What Young People Want and Need?"  Discussing the importance of Generations Working Together, why it's so important for intergenerational dialogue/s.  Respectful ways we should approach our youth, what the Bible says about adult, youth dynamics and the importance of Not canceling people based on their age.  

3. Dr. Jolene Erlacher (Founder, Leading Tomorrow)"Understanding Millennials and Gen Z: Values and Views"  This session will consider generational trends and values and their effects on our ministry contexts. Work ethic, communication and stylistic preferences often become sources of misunderstanding and frustration. We will explore best practices to adopt as we engage and mentor young believers and developing leaders.

4. Rev. Dr. G. Joseph Mitchel (Sr Pastor, New Hope Missionary Baptist Church) - "Small Church Big Community Impact" explores strategies on how small churches with limited resources can still have a major impact on their community through networking, partnerships, and space utilization.

5. Rev. Dr. Rodney Combs - "Back-of-the-Napkin Discipleship" - We are to be full-on disciples of Jesus who make disciple-making disciples. In order to do that, we need a simple way to recall and explain the basics of being a Christ-follower. This workshop reveals 10 BACK-OF-THE-NAPKIN DRAWINGS that provide a memorable and repeatable way to understand, live, and pass along deep theological truths. 

6. Dr. Gene Crume (Judson University President) - "Marketing and Communication without spending thousands of dollars"  Small churches have a great opportunity to focus their marketing efforts on simple and effective efforts to impact membership, support events and programs, and share the gospel with the community.  These practical points won’t cost a lot of money or require more time, but they will produce positive results.

7. Rev. Dr. Darryl Jenkins (Sr Pastor, Faith Community Church) "The Power of Diversity: The 3-Cs for Courageous Conversations"  This segment is focused on the fundamentals to building the capacity within communities of faith and organizations to have more meaningful high-risks dialogue concerning race, cultural differences, privilege and power to build stronger communities. Submit pre-questions to

8. Attorney Sally Wagenmaker (Attorney and Partner at Wagenmaker & Oberly) - "Getting your Legal House of Worship in Order"

What top-priority legal areas are of concern to your church leadership? Churches of all sizes and types need to promote effective governance, robust child protection policies, strong understanding of employment-related protections and pitfalls, and attentiveness to myriad tax-related obligations. Join Chicago attorney Sally Wagenmaker, as she addresses these topics to help ministry leaders handle all such questions in terms of both optimal legal compliance and effective best practices.

9. Rev. Dr. Dennis Bickers (Author, Retired Bi-vocational Pastor and Former Region Staff Member)"Intentional Ministry in the Not-So-Mega Church" will look at the differences between maintenance-minded churches and missional-minded churches. This workshop will address how maintenance-minded churches can become more missional and how to introduce change into the church.

10. Dr. Jason Gile (Dean of Program Development, Northern Seminary) – On-Demand Theological and Ministry Training Resources at  - Seminary Now is a new subscription-based, streaming video platform featuring short courses from leading professors and authors. The platform is an accessible, affordable resource for staff and lay church leaders to grow in their knowledge of the Christian faith, ministry skills, and engaging contemporary cultural issues. (10:30 AM Workshop)

11. Tommy Lee (Executive Director, The Grow Center for Church and Mission and President and Founder, Resource Global) - 5 Trends Shaping the Church Today.  In this session we look at five trends impacting the church and how church is done: Church Economics and Funding, Role of Education in Training Pastors, a New Framework for Global Missions, the future of Virtual Church, and the Understanding of Integration of Faith and Work.